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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hide the Children

Holy crap. The horror. The horror.

If you were on the fence, this may tip you over — with a painful crash.

I first saw this over at Skippy's, who's been forced to reconsider his choice. Meanwhile, Blue Gal, who also had it, wrote, "Betcha can't watch the whooole thing. Click here. But I betcha. Even my friends who support...oh nevermind."

I don't think "hat tip" to either Skip or BG is appropriate in this case, since I can only assign blame. The same goes for me, because as Edmund Burke said, "All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing," and here I am, spreading a truly "viral" video like the flu that's been hitting Southern California. Feel free to fling your curses and rotten fruit at me, evil sod that I am — that is, if you can hit me after pulling out the salad forks you've plunged into your eyes.

(I'm having flashbacks to all those school performing arts shows I worked where I had to play rhythm police. Or then there were the annual parent shows, with many an entry that consisted of, as my very pale Irish Catholic colleague called them, a "bad white people dance.")

Look, folks, I know it may be a bit much to expect Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, but Springsteen and Mellencamp certainly rocked it out, and the "Up With People" comparisons I've been reading for this video are pretty damn apt.

To keep it in perspective, John McCain can't carry a tune in a bucket (and Blue Gal's to blame for that one, too! I ask you, BG, is this behavior Christian? How can I turn the other cheek without exposing another ear to this stuff, huh?)

As I commented at the other posts, at least the Dem national conventions don't need to pan over the same black guy over and over again (ah, I have such fond memories of watching those 80s conventions as a kid). The RNC is more likely to provide "a modern spiritual" of clueless, blinding whiteness like this:

Honestly, I don't think it's entirely fair to judge a candidate by his or her supporters' musical talent (or painful lack thereof). Still, via Sifu Tweety comes one more selection, for your consideration:

(Just sayin'.)

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Anonymous said...

It might be a better idea to pick the candidate who isn't quite as good as hiding his or her ideas behind a "hip" and attractive marketing campaign.(You know, like the guy who has all those neocon economic advisors from the University of Chicago?)

Just sayin'!

Batocchio said...

Susie, my post was written largely in jest, and I have serious concerns about both Dem candidates, but I'm not familiar with all of the advisors for Clinton, Obama and McCain. Who were you thinking of?

Most of the necons focus primarily on foreign policy. Are you talking about conservative domestic advisors, or actual neocons? When it comes to the neocons and foreign policy, pretty much all of them that I know of despise Obama. Krauthammer consistently sneers at Obama's "mistake" of daring to say he'd talk to Iran and basically, for not talking about bombing it.

Michael O'Hanlon may not technically be a neocon, but his ideas are close to identical on the imperialism front, and he still claims he was right about invading Iraq, or at least wrong for the right reasons and all that bullshit. He recently criticized both Clinton and Obama for essentially not being hawkish enough. Before that, he has advised Clinton, and complained that Obama didn't sufficiently respect and defer to consistently wrong (and intellectually dishonest) hawks like Michael O'Hanlon.

One of Obama's foreign policy advisors has been Samantha Power, who is pretty damn sharp, concerned about human rights but no imperialist. In any case, again, the neocons mostly hate Obama, and their candidate had been Rudy Giuliani, who had been advised by Norman "I pray the President bombs Iran" Podhoretz. Krauthammer has sneeringly endorsed Clinton as being the biggest warmonger of the Dems, not that I think it's completely fair to hold that against her, although I have serious concerns about some of her foreign policy rhetoric. I'd also like to know where both Dem candidates stand on our current/increasing surveillance state.

On domestic economic policies, Obama is waaaay better than McCain, certainly, and on some issues better than Clinton, but I'd agree with the bulk of Krugman's critiques of Obama's policies.

(I liked your Wicked spoof, by the way, and may link it later. Thanks for stopping by, and cheers.)

John J. said...

I believe that video deserves moment of zen status; at least zen was the only way to make it through the whole thing.

tas said...

There isn't enough vomit in the world to answer for this video.

Unknown said...

sweetie, that IS "Up With People" - they were hired to make this video.

Batocchio said...

Actually, it appears this was made by Gene Wang, a HP marketing "expert" and Hillary supporter. If you can make it to the end of the video, you see his name. "Up with People" actually had a bit - a bit - more soul.

Faded said...

Dude, If I wasn't at work reading this, I'd think I must be drunk..

One toke over the line = is that the Lawrence Welk show? wtf wtf wtf

And I saw an even more horrifying hillary vid this morning, not sure where, I think my memory cells were burned away by it in one bright flash...

Batocchio said...

Yes, that's Lawrence Welk! They call it "a modern spiritual"! Hahahaha!

There is a worse video I've seen, specifically anti-Hillary. I might link that later - since her GOP detractors lack even more style.

Comrade Kevin said...

Let's go beat up on McCain now.

It's the new thing!

Join us!

Batocchio said...

CK, I've got a bit more on Hillary coming, but also one on McCain in the works.