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Sunday, February 24, 2008


DirecTV has run a number of movie remix ads, some of them quite funny and clever. I found this one rather disturbing. This scene in Misery is one of the most suspenseful, cringe-inducing I can think of. I love both Kathy Bates and black comedy, but at the very least, this is an interesting marketing choice. On the plus side, it's a memorable spot, but on the minus side, it's a negative association with their product (I'd say). Since DirecTV is trying to cover most film genres, I suppose they see this as one of the tamer "horror" clips they can use, although I would have thought their Aliens clip sorta covered that. I'd be interested to know the reactions of other people.

(As to the original scene — it's all the more terrifying because it deals with actual human beings and is possible even if not likely, unlike being attacked by hordes of CG monsters. William Goldman actually fought like hell to keep the scene the same as in Stephen King's book, where it's much more extreme. Goldman felt toning it down would ruin the movie, but he was overruled by director Rob Reiner and others. Goldman later realized, after seeing the finished film, reading reviews and seeing audience reactions, he was wrong. But that's one of many great things about Goldman — he calls it straight from his perspective even if it's impolitic, and will 'fess up to making mistakes. His books on screenwriting are still among the best on both the film industry and the art and craft of writing.)


Muse said...

Misery indeed. If you ever get the chance to rent or watch a film by Gaspar Noe called "I Stand Alone" do not hesitate! It is riveting, to say the least.

Comrade Kevin said...

That film scared the shit out of me.