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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eclectic Jukebox 2/14/08

In, um, honor of Valentine's Day, here's a super-sized, three track edition.

Ben Folds Five — "Song for the Dumped"

We'll kick if off with one fiery breakup song!

The Bird and the Bee — "Fcking Boyfriend" (live)

Really, what sensitive (available) gent could deny the charming Miss Inara George here? (Here's the studio version, for comparison.)

Marvin Gaye — "Let's Get It On" (live)

We'll close with the master. (Here's the studio version, and here's another live version, this one with a prominent horn section.) As Harlan Ellison once quipped, "Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled."

If you want more, NPR has both more anti-Valentine's Day songs and a bunch of other stories for you more touchy-feely saps. Ehh, whatever.

Eclectic Jukebox

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