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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Hillary Videos

The "Hillary (for You and Me)" video received a strong reaction, and deservedly so. However, I do want to note yet again that it was apparently made by some Hillary Clinton supporters, not commissioned by the campaign itself. (Although how creator Gene Wang can call himself a marketing "expert" and produce that is beyond me. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt that he's a nice guy, and perhaps is good at marketing overall, but dude, no offense, let someone else work on the whole "catchy tune" thing.)

But as I mentioned in one of the comment threads, there is worse. Oh yes, my pretties. Because I am a misanthropic bastard, for equal time or just increased sadism, via TBogg, here's Michelle Malkin's anti-Hillary song. As TBogg writes:

We already knew that she can't jump, act, interview, demagogue, and do satire.

Now she tries her hand at singing and playing piano:

Don't hold me to it, but I sorta think aesthetically-atrocious-but-sincere isn't quite as horrible an assault as aesthetically-atrocious-and-painfully-unfunny-from-sneering-hatemonger. I mean, I don't want to hear the first group sing, but I think I could at least talk to 'em at a party without despairing for humanity and wanting to kill myself.

(Of course, should Hillary win the nomination and the presidency, the life of Malkin and those like-minded could well hang by a thread.)

I see since I started this post that Crooks and Liars has featured this video as well, and quoted TRex, who brings the rant:

They should market Michelle’s musical stylings as an alternative to Ipecac syrup, seriously…

Listen, Michelle, you sad, pathetic shrew, leave comedy and music to professionals like me and other creative people on the Left. We own you guys on this stuff. Conservatives are just not creative people. You people spend your lives like baby birds; heads back, mouths gaping, passively awaiting the next set of talking points and marching orders from your corporate and political masters. This is not how art is made, even satirical art. To create something moving, or funny, or even engagingly nasty (a specialty of my own) requires a certain amount of soul, of individuality, of spark.

And that’s something that’s just beyond your ken. You are a fabulously uninspired thinker, an automaton, a one-note reactionary. Powerful people tell you what to do and you do it. It’s when you venture out on your own and attempt to color outside the lines that you run aground, as with your decision to stalk and harass various people on the Left including the Frost family, college administrator Denice Denton, and groups of student activists who oppose the war.

Or, god forbid, when you decide to sing. Just, whatever you end up doing with yourself, don’t do that anymore. For America. For the children. That’s just crossing the line and being needlessly cruel and hateful to everyone in America, Conservative and Liberal alike.

Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.

Also via TBogg comes a video made by a Hillary supporter and posted by Jeralyn at TalkLeft:

I think it's fair to say that, whether you like Martina McBride or not, she's sure no Michelle Malkin or Gene Wang.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the wingnut crazy angle on this second video, TBogg provides us with Ann Althouse's characteristically unhinged, narcissistic take on it. Because remember kiddies, no matter what the nominal subject, every Althouse post is — like the world itself — All About Althouse. Follow the link, if you dare.

I suppose I've avoided eternal damnation by linking a post mocking Althouse versus Althouse herself, but I believe by posting the Malkin video, I've now earned another year in Purgatory. I hope you're happy, you bastards.

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Suzi Riot said...

I just couldn't do it. I watched the first ones and I swear I lost 5 years off my life. Maybe I'll have the courage to watch these offerings of horror tomorrow.