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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Obama Rumor Litmus Test

Take the following Sadly, No! post:

Another reason to elect Hussein Obama X as Supreme Leader of Crackerland

Posted at 3:12 by Brad

So he IS a stealth Muslim candidate after all! Kickin’.

Hussein X’s first act in office should be to free Mumia and appoint him as the first official Secretary of the Kill Whitey Department.

If you read this S,N! post and laughed, you're probably a liberal.

If you read this post and crapped your pants or said "he is too a Muslim!" you're probably a conservative.

If you read this post, tut-tutted and said, "I don't see how such language helps at all," you're probably Richard Cohen or another Beltway "centrist" pundit.

(S,N! follow-ups: "All part of Hussein X’s master plan, my friend" and "Uh-oh! They’re onto us!" Although I'll add I'm more a Luke Cage guy, myself.)

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ted said...

1. I'm a liberal. I chuckled.
2. I think Luke Cage would be an awesome director of the Peace Corps. Those do-gooders need some fightin' skills and better headbands.

Comrade Kevin said...

Those white devils will soon pay the price for their disservice to Allah!