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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2016

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day again, a tradition started by skippy and the late Jon Swift. Be sure to head over to read skippy's post for the event, but the basic idea is to give some link love to good blogs that don't get the heaviest traffic. Several from my blogroll:

Bark Bark Woof Woof: Mustang Bobby offers short, sharp political takes and good music picks.

Cheyanne's Campsite: Cheyanne (Shy Ann) has redone her home page with a neat tile format for her posts.

Experiential Pagan: Check out Syrbal-Labrys' book reviews and other observations here, or head over to Herlander-Walking for her more political posts.

The Hunting of the Snark: I never get tired of reading Susan of Texas' dissections of the odious Megan McArdle and other hacks.

Infidel753: Head over for good political analysis.

I Spy With My Little Eye: aimai posts infrequently, but her work's well worth catching.

Mikeb302000: Diligent coverage of gun deaths and gun control issues.

Onyx Lynx: Providing some great roundups.

P3: Persuasion, Perseverence, and Patience: If you appreciate fine editorial cartooning, you'll want to read Nothstine's roundups.

Poor Impulse Control: Head over for Tata's cool photos and musings.

The Rectification of Names: Check Yastreblyansky's blog before you rectify yourself.

Strangely Blogged: How can you say no after reading Vixen Strangely's Woody Guthrie reference in the blog header?

World O' Crap: Good cultural posts and dissections of the nuttiest of wingnuts.

You Might Notice a Trend: You might notice a trend of regularly reading Paul Wartenberg after you check him out.

Zen Comix: What is the sound of cartoons clapping?

Don't forget Crooks and Liars, where every day is Blogroll Amnesty Day thanks to the feature Mike's Blog Round Up. Awesome founder Mike Finnigan passed on management to the indefatigable Blue Gal, and I'm honored to be one of about a dozen bloggers who run it for one-week stints.

Thanks again to skippy for keeping this tradition alive, and if you choose to participate, make sure to link your post in his thread here!