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Friday, February 01, 2008

Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #28 (12/17/07 — 1/27/08)

(Baby Jesus weighs in on the election.)

The 28th installment of RWCW is here, covering six weeks, with the emphasis on the new year. It's been a crazy political month, with tight races for the presidential nomination in both parties, pundits more blatantly wrong than usual, and scandals ranging from the overblown to the manufactured. Meanwhile, the greatest threat ever known to democracy conservatism — since the previous one, that is — spurred our right-wing cartoonists into action!

Who would be the focus of their ire? Who? Who? (I'm sure the suspense is just killing you.)


Anonymous said...

Well, if baby jesus has spoken. Has anyone told Huckabee?

Comrade Kevin said...

Huckabee cares only for the Jesus who works hard and cuts his lawn on Thursday. And votes Republican.

Anonymous said...

Until I read what you wrote underneath the cartoon, I didn't get that the baby was supposed to be Jesus.

How do we know it's supposed to be Baby J?

Batocchio said...

Cranky Media Guy, I don't know if you read the RWCW this post links, which gives more context, but this cartoon from Brian Fairrington ran right before Christmas, on 12-21-07. Some cartoonist would add a halo, I suppose. But the swaddling clothes and wooden crib with hay ain't a modern style, and are common for depictions of Jesus in the manger. See this one (with halo) and this one (without halo, but with Santa Claus) for comparison.