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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

skippy's seventh

(Reportedly not an actual photograph.)

Our fellow LA-blogger and pal skippy recently celebrated his seventh - that's right, seventh - blogiversary. Like the man said: Impressive - most impressive. skippy's got some co-bloggers over there, too, and as a current California resident, I particularly appreciate the skippy and Cookie Jill posts on the state of our ailing state. Plus, there are music picks every night, blogging is much better in a skippy T-shirt (it's been studied), and for years, skippy has selflessly donated capital letters to help spur our flailing economy. Finally, skippy's also one of the ringleaders of Blogroll Amnesty Day, so since he's already got a cake, the least we could do is give him a link! Go over and say hi.

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