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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Music for Independence Day, 2009

Happy Independence Day! We'll be doing music all weekend over at BH. Following up on chicher's post featuring the Declaration of Independence – plus James Brown – here's a round of tunes for the day.

In the past, I've gone with Marvin (I listen to this version all the time in the car):

And Jimi:

Wonkette passes along a few great videos, including the Muppets:

And Springsteen from '78:

Finally, let's close out this segment with one more look at Seeger and Springsteen doing "This Land is Your Land":

Happy Independence Day, everybody.

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Cirze said...

Thanks, Batocchio!

Love it.

You rock.


laurie01 said...

That's a very cool thing to do on an independence day. I'm a music enthusiast and I really appreciate such activities. During Sundays, I am teaching students to learn how to play congos as part of my recreational activity.