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Thursday, July 23, 2009


At the beginning of last week, Hilzoy announced she'd be retiring from blogging, and the end of last week marked her last post. She's promised to comment at Obsidian Wings now and then, but it's still quite a loss. I've left my comments over there at ObWi, which has long been one of my favorite blogs, and one I've linked and promoted frequently. Anyone familiar with Hilzoy's work knows she's been one of the best out there. She was a master of the polite and thorough debunk. Her posts were genuinely thoughtful, she used great analogies, had a sly sense of humor, and wrote in a very clear style, even when her subject matter was complex. I'm sure her philosophy students benefit from those same qualities in the classroom and prize her as much as the ObWi community has. I hope she comes back to posting at some point, however intermittently, but best wishes to her.

Of the farewells, I found the one from the Poor Man Institute the funniest and the one from Publius the most poignant. Meanwhile, Obsidian Wings remains a good blog, with Publius and Eric Martin contributing consistently valuable work.

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