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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ol' Fred's Homespun Pitch

Hey kids, it's rich lobbyist and 'jes folks' character actor Fred Thompson! (He's readin' sumthin', which proves he's smart 'n' stuff, not matter what Nixon said about him). I wonder what he has to say!

Uh, okay. "Responsible" change is the essence of conservatism?!? Obama's really, really liberal? Basically:

If you're nostalgic for Reagan's fake folksy bullshit, and you're fond of Fred's fake folksy bullshit, then you might be just the type who's attracted by Sarah Palin's fake folksy bullshit and McCain's phony populist crap, especially all the fake folksy bullshit he's shilling about his new BFF, Joe the Plumber, who, besides not being a licensed plumber, would - like the vast majority of the country (95% plus) - benefit more under Obama than McCain. But hey, vote the wrong way and those scary furriners might getcha. So vote for McCain.

That is, if you can forget eight years of fake folksy bullshit from George W. Bush.

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Fran said...

If you are going to put stuff like this up, please provide vomit bags!

He is really a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Please! No more folksy! No more homespun! No more cracker philosophical! Please! Think of the children!