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Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign for America's Future

I'm currently doing some guest posting over at the Campaign for America's Future, not that the crew over there needs much help - if you want some good posts on the current economic crisis or other policy discussions, it's a helpful site to visit.

In any case, this is my latest excuse for sporadic posting, although I'm planning to do some original posting here at VS and BH as well.

My one previous post over there is from almost exactly one year ago:

"Hogwash" (10/26/07)

Meanwhile, here's the current crop:

"Pre-Emptive E. Coli" (Monday, 10/20/08)

"The Cheney Rules" (Friday, 10/24/08)

"And a Power Plant in Every Home" (Wednesday, 10/29/08)

"Play Dumb and Keep Moving" (Thursday, 10/30/08)

"Karl Rove and the Atwater Legacy" (Friday, 10/31/08)

"About That Clear "Center-Right" Mandate" (Thursday, 11/6/08)

"Using Justice Against Us" (Friday, 11/7/08)

"Order To The Executive Branch" (Monday, 11/10/08)

More original pieces next week.

I may just update this post rather than linking each individual new entry, but I may change my mind on that. Ha! Just try and stop me!

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