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Friday, January 18, 2008

Where's John?

The Edwards campaign has put out a hilarious, on-target spot with great editing/timing about the lastest round of the media blackout he's consistently faced (via Greg Sargent, who has some good thoughts, as usual).

What blackout is that? In another post, Greg Sargent passes on this helpful graphic:

(Click the picture for a slightly larger view.)

Bob Somerby remarks:

PROJECT FOR EXCELLENCE GETS SOMETHING RIGHT: With that surprising headline in mind, we recommend Greg Sargent’s piece about that group’s new study, a study regarding the coverage of Edwards. In our view, Edwards has been “mugged by narrative” in a way few candidates ever have. Your press corps loves to write easy novels, and “first women versus first African-American” was about as simple as narrative gets. And alas—that novel had no place for Edwards. The gentleman therefore got disappeared. Except for his haircuts, of course.

Sargent also takes on the dissenting view that Edwards' woes are solely his own fault, correctly noting that we should keep "more than one idea in our heads at the same time." (That, however, will disqualify one from appearing on most political talk shows.)

Nicole Belle at C&L has more about the Edwards video, and the related story of consistently wrong bully-and-blowhard Bill O'Reilly attacking Edwards for stating the truth, that we have roughly 200,000 vets who are homeless. If you missed it, check out O'Reilly's first rant about this, and his latest rant, where he calls Edwards a "charlatan." O'Reilly also grossly misrepresents poverty with some classic conservative think tank talking points.

Meanwhile, C&L kindly passes on the link to a petition by Iraq and Afghanistan of America for Bill O'Reilly to set the record straight.

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