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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eclectic Jukebox 1/3/08

Aimee Mann — "Save Me"

I felt like a little Aimee Mann tonight. Some people prefer "Wise Up," but this is still my favorite tune from Magnolia, where it's fantastically used.

(We used to play this song in a band I was in, actually... I learned the chords by watching Mann play it on the Late Late Show one night. If you want the original key, capo at the third fret!)

(What is the post, you ask? I've been doing the Club Blue picks at The Blue Herald on Thursdays for over a year now. I decided to compile my new picks and recap the old set at a side blog, Eclectic Jukebox, mainly to keep track of 'em all. I was debating whether to post any of them here, or keep everything separate, but let's give it a try. For more music, besides Club Blue, check out Crooks and Liars' Late Night Music CLub and Skippy's Music Club... and quite a few other blogs!)

Eclectic Jukebox


Chuck Butcher said...

Check out "Jimmy Lloyd Rea and the Switchmasters" sometime for straight ahead hard drivin' blues.

Fran said...

I love this song- the soundtrack to Magnolia is just a favorite CD, but this song really speaks to my heart.