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Friday, January 18, 2008

You Keep Using that Word…

While we're discussing the rich irony and Orwellian nature of Bill O'Reilly calling John Edwards a "charlatan" on the plight of homeless vets, I wanted to highlight another instant classic, from that eloquent, persuasive statesman, President Bush:

"But yeah, look, I'm sure people view me as a warmonger and I view myself as peacemaker."

Dan Froomkin has much more, if you can stand it.

Clearly, Newspeak continues. Of course, this is the same crew that thinks General Petraeus deserves the Nobel Peace Prize , and discuss such issues with all the intellectual integrity and eloquence of schoolyard taunts in junior high. I don't think this is mere hackdom. Yes, they are hacks, and more importantly, scoundrels. But some of them are also really, really this goddam stupid.

But let's let libural Hollywood get in the last word:

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kimono hime said...

"I know something you don't know...I am not left handed."

(sorry, couldn't help myself. I love that film)

*sigh* We do seem to hear a lot of puffery from the Eastern Conservatives, don't we? This will happen and that won't... whatever. I know, it's not much of an argument. I'll try again later after I've had some sleep.