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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tucker's Very Bad Day

So exactly how many douchebags named "Tucker" does the GOP have, anyway? (DDay has more on this one.) But good grief, is the sky falling? Tucker Bounds is taken to task by Meghan Kelly on friggin' Fox News, and also by Norah "war protesters are un-American" O'Donnell?!? (C&L has the video; Tucker was saved by "technical difficulties" in that case.)

So far, Tucker Bowen's responses seem to be, "They lied, too!" and "Obama said ridiculous crap he never actually said but we claim he did!" I suppose it gives some variety to whiny McCain's "I lied because Obama wouldn't meet me in town halls" and "I was a POW!" defenses. Oh, and we shouldn't forget Sarah Palin and her daily lie-and-bullshit count.

I'd still like to see one of these lying scumbags break down in tears on the air under tough questioning, but it's a start. Sarah Palin is a serial liar. John McCain has run a dishonorable campaign full of lies and smears. McCain's offering four more years of the same old failed Bush policies. Pass it on – with video proof.

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Comrade Kevin said...

I Can't Believe It's a News Channel!