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Friday, September 26, 2008

Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #32 (7/21/08 – 9/25/08)

The much-anticipated long-delayed 32nd, over-sized installment of RWCW is here, covering ten weeks of terrifying turmoil and tabloid tumult. See our usual gang trot out their favorite attacks against their avowed foe! Watch them swoon over their latest conservative darling! And observe as economic woes make the reality-based community grow just a little bit larger.


Comrade Kevin said...

Not even.

That whole premise of the cartoon is a bit of a stretch.

Jim Hudson said...

Obama has double the rating of Iraq vets that McCain has. Mr. McCain wouldn't vote for the new GI Bill, but offered ahis own loser bill as an excuse and distraction. I've read that our soldiers contribute six times as much for Obama than they do for McCain. This cartoon is not only just wrong, it's absurd.