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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Get Out the Vote!

While some of the poll numbers are looking good, it’s imperative to have a strong voter turnout on November 7th (after all, most Democratic groups met their district turnout goals in 2004, and look what happened!). Several states have anti-gay marriage initiatives on the ballot to draw out the social conservatives like prehistoric flies to homophobic honey. Taking the Senate in particular will be tough but very possible. Let’s get out the vote!

From Matt Stoller at MyDD:

Click here to be counted as someone who registered because of net neutrality. As Stoller says, “Save the Internet coalition will be able to brag about how many voters we have on our side to politicians when trying to convince them to support net neutrality.”

Click here for regular voter registration.

From Digby, here’s a site for The Secretaries of State Project, who seek to elect candidates who will protect voting rights.

Also from Digby, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) allows bloggers to embed the Volunteer Web Bug to recruit election volunteers on their sites.

Remaining Registration Deadlines:

Alabama — October 27
California — October 23
Connecticut — October 24
Iowa — October 28
Kansas — October 23
Maine — October 17
Maryland — October 17
Massachusetts — October 18
Minnesota — pre-reg. October 17
Nebraska — October 20
New Jersey — October 17
Oregon — October 17
Rhode Island — October 17
South Dakota — October 23
Vermont — October 28
West Virginia — October 17
Wisconsin — October 19

If you miss your state’s deadline, in most states you can still cast a provisional ballot on election day.

Get Out the Vote!


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like prehistoric flies to homophobic honey.