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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rightwing Cartoon Watch (10-7-06)

I have the second installment of Rightwing Cartoon Watch up over at The Blue Herald here.


Anonymous said...

I will head over there & look. I just have one question, though...are you a Ded Bob fan?

Batocchio said...

Thanks for stopping by here and Blue Herald! I've never seen Ded Bob (looked him up), but probably would enjoy his act.

Anonymous said...


Its Corinne, site looks great! I just V for Vendetta....did you review it on this site? I loved it and thought you might too.
Where are the movie critics? Forget the politics :)

Batocchio said...

Corrine, I'll make sure to include V for Vendetta in my annual Oscar/film round-up, but that's several months off. But I thought the film was surprisingly faithful to the original comic book series by Alan Moore, quite good and thought-provoking - especially compared with usual Hollywood fare. What did you think of it?