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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Blue Girl won one of the scholarships to attend Netroots Nation in Austin, starting July 17th. Congratulations to her yet again! My favorite of her many endorsements came from her mother: "She woke up one morning a pleasant toddler, then some time in the mid-morning, had a temper tantrum. It has never gone away."

Meanwhile, a stand-up comic I know, Adam Hunter, is on NBC's Last Comic Standing, which airs on Thursday nights. It's great exposure and a fantastic opportunity. Assuming he continues to progress, apparently viewer votes will play a factor. The show seems to slice up sets somewhat for broadcast, especially in the earlier rounds with so many contestants, which can hurt the rhythm of a routine. Still, I think enough comes through that you can judge his material and delivery for yourself. Here's his site, MySpace page, and last week's segment:

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--Blue Girl said...

Thanks Bat - yeah, my Mom is a real hoot - I am a pale, comparison of the original. When I took friends home from school, after meeting her for the first time, they invariably would say "it all makes sense now!"