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Monday, July 21, 2008

Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #31 (6/16/08 - 7/20/08)

The 31st installment of RWCW is here, covering five weeks of newsy goodness. Thrill to the newest mock outrage! Shake at the latest recycled smear! Marvel at the sight of conservatives attacking key parts of the Constitution - except the Second Amendment, of course. Plus, The New Yorker and its critics horn in on our act! (Well, sorta.)


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how the NRA could support a fight to overturn the handgun ban in Washington, D.C., a city with a 90% black population.

The NRA has fought against gun registration for years, claiming that the government could use the records one day to confiscate all guns.

But the NRA seems to have no problems with registering its members or registering Republicans.

Am I the only right wing nut who sees this as a problem? Lots of black gun owners, who can find where all the Republicans live.

If I were the NRA, I wouldn't dare try to Swiftboat Obama this November. I think it could backfire, literally.

Doctor Grumpus said...

I'm assuming that Blanca's comment is an attempt at satire...

I mean, shouldn't we be just as concerned about white assholes getting hold of the registered members of the NAACP? Find out where all the black people live (of course, most white folk are already very cognizant of where the black folks in their neighborhood live, eh?) I mean, the government certainly doesn't mandate registration for the purchase of rope.

If I'm not getting the joke, I apologize. If there is no humorous intent, Blanca, then you seem to be in some serious need of psychiatric help.

LanceThruster said...

The editorial illustration (too vile to call a comic/cartoon) reminds of this (paraphrased); "They had to destroy the Constitution to save it."

It would have actually been accurate if the thought balloon said, "Thank you George W. Bush."

Anonymous said...

I think Timothy McVeigh was white and many of the school shootings have been by white children.

Marc McDonald said...

>>at the sight of conservatives
>>attacking key parts of the
>>Constitution - except the Second
>>Amendment, of course.

It's interesting: over the years, I've had debates with dozens of gun owners and NRA supporters. Without exception, all of them very arrogantly claimed to know exactly what the Second Amendment means. But when I asked them to quote the Second Amendment, none of them could.

One f*cking sentence. And these morons can't even quote it.

But that doesn't stop them from lecturing the rest of us about what it means (even as they attack us for "interpreting" it incorrectly).

Here's a question for the gun nuts. The Second Amendment doesn't mention the word "guns." It only talks about "arms." So do I have the right to own a suitcase nuke? (And if not, why not?)

Also, the Second Amendment says nothing about "adults only." So any child should be able to walk into a gun store and buy an AK-47, correct? (And if you gun nuts disagree, then why are you daring to restrict children's Second Amendment rights, you Nazis?)