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Monday, June 04, 2012

Primary and Recall Elections 2012

California, New Jersey, Utah, South Dakota, Montana and New Mexico have primary elections tomorrow.

If you're a California voter, you can get the official voter information guide here. Some candidate statements and analysis is included (Orly Taitz' is both disturbing and hilarious). The Smart Voter site also has useful information on all the various elections, particularly the overlooked ones such as judicial positions. Because of California's new open primary rule, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, will face each other in November. In some cases, that means the race will essentially be between the same candidates twice. That's the likely scenario in my congressional district, the newly-redrawn California 30th, with two incumbent Democrats squaring off, Howard Berman and Brad Sherman. Which Way L.A.? had them on as guests back in April (along with two Republican candidates). It also ran an election show tonight.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin is holding recall elections, most notably of Republican Governor Scott Walker, but the other elections are important, too. As David Dayen points out, turnout will be key: "one must acknowledge that no public poll has shown [Tom] Barrett in front [of Scott Walker]. That argues strongly that Walker will be able to hold on. He goes into Election Day a small favorite." Walker's Koch backing and anti-labor stances make this a significant election, but Walker's rich backers have given him a three to one spending advantage. Kay at Balloon Juice has more about the expectations game.

In any case, if your state is up tomorrow, make sure you vote!

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