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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mike's Blog Roundup

Mike Finnigan is stepping down from Mike's Blog Roundup at Crooks and Liars:

I began the blog roundup shortly after John Amato started Crooks and Liars. It has been a real blessing to be a contributor to a site that evolved into an important progressive voice in American politics. The bloggers I got to know and the readers who took time to express their appreciation, or who sent tips, have enriched my life. Now my work and travel outside the U.S. has made it nearly impossible to be a reliable part of C&L so I wanted to say goodbye to all of you and tell you how much I will miss you and this wonderful place.

The good news is that, as Blue Gal writes:

When Mike says his music and travel are keeping him from the round up, he means it! He just finished a tour with Joe Cocker and there are other albums and concerts to come -- we're very proud of the best damn Hammond Organ player in the blogosphere!

Mike's Blog Round Up will continue, and will continue to be called MIKE'S Blog Round Up in honor of the amazing guy who started it all.

If you head over to the post, you can leave comments for Mike.

Mike's success couldn't happen to a nice guy. Catch him playing live if you can – with Joe Cocker, Taj Mahal, the Phantom Blues Band, or some other latest act.

As for Mike's Blog Roundup, it's hard to be too effusive in praise. It's been Blogroll Amnesty Day every day for years, creating good karma, promoting small blogs, and just making the blogosphere a better place. Some other big blogs link smaller blogs, but not with Mike's regularity, and not with the variety and richness of picks. It's one of the things that makes C&L special. Mike's generously linked this blog over the years. (I've also subbed over at MBR several times.) The feature will be in extremely good hands with Blue Gal at the helm. And Mike says he's occasionally come back for guest gigs.

Congratulations, and thanks once again, to Mike. The great musicians - and bloggers - make it look easy.


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