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Friday, February 04, 2011

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2011

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day, where we celebrate small blogs by... linking some of them! This event was co-founded by the much missed Jon Swift (who explained its origins here), and by skippy, who's keeping the tradition alive in style. My most extensive post on the tradition was this one. (It involved Godzilla.)

Blogroll Amnesty Day also requires shout-outs to Blue Gal, who's always promoting small blogs, and to the indefatigable Mike Finnigan, because at Mike's Blog Roundup, every day is Blogroll Amnesty Day.

There are many worthy blogs out there, and it's nice to step off the beaten path occasionally and read someone new. So here we go:

Confession Zero: Mark Prime's latest site for poetry is... Confession Zero.

Cheyanne's Campsite: Currently pondering Egypt and musing on Alexandria.

Drinking Liberally in New Milford: Lieberman is finally retiring – surely cause for celebratory drinking in Connecticut.

Failed Empire: Thoughts on American imperialism, and how to kick the habit.

Mikeb302000: "Guns, politics, capital punishment, movies and music."

We Are Respectable Negroes: "Happy, Non-Threatening Colored Folk... Even in the Age of Obama." Just the team to protect us from socialism!

Godless Liberal Homo: Yet again, the blog name sells itself – but if that doesn't sell ya, surely the post title "Boehner, Other Rightists, Trying to Protect the Fetuses of Child Molesters." should do the trick.

Welcome to Potterville 2: Currently considering the hypocrisy of Ayn Rand and Rand Paul... and also examining the recent State of the Union speech.

Mister Tristan: Reflections on long-distance running, culture, and current events.

Poor Impulse Control: I'm guessing from the blog title that author Tata is a fan of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, but Tata seems both nicer and more artistic than an Inuit assassin who kills with glass harpoons and has a nuke for a sidecar. But it's always the quiet ones...

Also – if you're on this list, or on my blogroll, and you don't link a contact e-mail on your site – and don't allow comments, either - perhaps you should, uh, reconsider that. (Or at least shoot me an e-mail.) Otherwise, it makes it awfully hard to include you in the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup. (Cough, cough, hint, hint.)

Finally, make sure to head over to skippy's place, where he's linking all the participants.



Jill said...

Thanks for linking to my dear friend the awesome and fabulous Tata. We're celebrating B.A.D. over at B@B too.

Unknown said...

Thanks a million, Batocchio

Tata said...

Thanks, Batocchio! You're the ginchiest!

John Myste said...

You mentioned Jon Swift. I had never heard of him until recently, when two people told me a I write like him. That that end, I looked him up and have been reading his blog, which I very much enjoy. I think I may repost some of his more timeless articles somewhere if he doesn't mind, and I think he would be honored. I hope so, anyway.

If you know of more writers similar to his style, let me know. Obviously, I like satirical indictments.

Funny, if I do that, people may go to the source article and post comments, expecting them to be answered. I guess that really is not that funny, but more tragic.