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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheney, Security and the CIA

I'm glad some people can keep up with most of Cheney's lies in real time, because I just can't keep up with his prodigious rate of bullshit. Meanwhile, there's plenty of other torture and security news, especially on some new Bush era e-mails on torture (with the obligatory really crappy NYT coverage on them). I can't go into depth on these at the moment, but here's a short roundup:

Dan Froomkin: "How Cheney Bent DOJ to His Will" and "Too Embarrassing to Disclose?"

Scott Horton: "Cheney, the DOJ, and Torture: Two Takes" and "Counterfeiting Washington."

Eric Martin: "Another in the Blame America First Crowd" (dissecting some careful lying by Cheney) and "Moral Victories."

Emptywheel: Start with "Pre-Emptive Strike on OPR Report: NYT Misrepresents Comey Emails, Claims He Approved Torture" and read the next four or so posts. Then check out "Leon Panetta Kisses His Credibility Goodbye" and read the next five or so posts.

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Cirze said...

Great post!

This should keep us busy for the morning at least.


libhom said...

I wish some federal prosecutors would start keeping track.