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Friday, June 19, 2009


What with subbing at Mike's Blog Roundup at Crooks and Liars and a few looming deadlines, blogging here has been even more infrequent than usual. However, I hope to return to my normal level of infrequency in July.


Marc McDonald said...

Speaking of Chaplin, "Modern Times" is truly one of the great works of cinema. It was also a daring, radical and highly subversive work.

In fact, Chaplin's "Tramp" character was highly subversive by American standards. From birth, we Americans are taught to despise the poor and destitute and blame them for their own problems.

By contrast, Chaplin made his Tramp character (who was basically a poor, homeless bum) one of the most beloved characters in cinema history.

I find it hilarious how cinema buffs today think the likes of Quentin Tarantino are "daring" "radical" and "dangerous." The overrated Tarantino is a timid coward, compared to the likes of Chaplin.

Indeed, we really don't have any truly renegrade directors these days, outside of the likes of Michael Moore. All of them suck corporate cock. "Liberal" Hollywood, my ass.

Distributorcap said...

modern times is one of my favorite movies.

and you are one of my favorite bloggers

so there