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Monday, March 16, 2009

Torture Watch 3/16/09

Michael Bersin's post "A Small Clique Of Legal Extremists" is a useful overview of laws (and Bush administration statements) on torture. He also has a 2008 series on Justice Scalia speaking at the University of Central Missouri (one, two, three and four).

Although I linked it in "Rivkin's Protean Logic on Torture," this Glenn Greenwald post from February delves into American torture treaties as well.

Karen Greenberg has an article on the prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan posted at both TomDispatch and Salon (Digby posts on it). How much is the Obama administration breaking with and fixing the abuses of the past?

Steve Hynd (Cernig) at Newshoggers has more on these questions in "Obama Administration Defends Rummie In Torture Lawsuit," a troubling development.

It's not enough to conduct ourselves better in the future; we must uncover all that was done in the past and ensure that justice is done. As always, public pressure will be crucial for making that happen.

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