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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roundup 3/19/09

Melina has a good post on Eliot Spitzer, AIG and related financial skullduggery at Brilliant at Breakfast and RIP Coco.

Dave Johnson's posted on stopping corporate lobbying with taxpayer money at Seeing the Forest and the Commonweal Institute.

Richard Blair of All Spin Zone spent St. Paddy's Day up in NYC "tilting at a very large windmill - American International Group." He's got a series of posts on it.

More, you say? How about Suzan at Welcome to Pottersville 2, a Dan Froomkin roundup, and Robert Scheer on Democracy Now about the financial shenanigans (and the ridiculous opposition to nationalization).

Bill Scher points to a page for Dogging the Blue Dogs at the Campaign for America's Future, and don't miss Kevin Drum's sarcastic take on this preening, self-serving lot.

Over at Raw Story, Brad Jacobson of Media Bloodhound reports that the Feds were involved in the Nevada ACORN raids last October. This contradicts previous denials and raises the issue of political motivation (shocking, I know).

At They Gave Us a Republic, Blue Girl has been following the Republican effort to obstruct Chris Hill's appointment as the ambassador to Iraq. (Well, golly, the position's hardly important or anything.)

Newshoggers weighs in on "The Cost Of A COIN War In Afghanistan," and Juan Cole of Informed Comment discusses Afghanistan and the Middle East on Democracy Now and The Colbert Report.

Brad Blog is working to save radio's progressive Peter B. Collins Show. (Then there's Diebold, Diebold, Diebold…)

Finally, on a lighter note, Jon Swift explores the very essence of modern conservatism in "Why Bristol Palin is Different" - and receives an e-mail from National Review's Lisa Schiffren.

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