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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Game On!

To get in the mood:

If you feel a duty to vote, but also occasionally feel disgusted with your fellow Americans (ahem), this video is for you. (Via Blue Gal.)

Meanwhile, as a general rule, the folks with the better music have better policies and are much cooler. True enough!

Here's an extended, updated version of a video I featured before, Obama Reggaeton:

And since I am in California, let me keep 'em coming - Viva Obama 2008 (Mariachi):

Viva Obama (Norteño):

I linked this one before, but via FranIAm, here's Obama Zydeco:

And remember this one?

Some other tunes are waiting in the wings, depending on the outcome of the presidential race and a few other contests...

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driouxcipher said...

Andrew and I voted at 6am CDT. Not that Illinois is at all an electoral worry for Sen. Obama, it still felt good! Keep your fingers crossed!
Hopefully, by the time your polls close, we'll know what the score is!

Anonymous said...

We voted this a.m. without any trouble. A line, but nothing awful. I was glad to see so many people out.