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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain Ad Parodies

(By the way, there's some profanity in a couple of these, if you're at work or that matters to ya, although I'm guessing - No!)

First up, let's see this effort by Thers, Watertiger and Dan:

What's scary is that there are folks out there who think, "that ad told the truth!"

Then there's McCain and Britney, together again:

And I mean, come on, Britney?!?

The subtext of McCain's actual ad is bad enough, but there are also problems with McCain smearing Paris Hilton when her parents are donors.

This might be my favorite, though (h/t Blue Gal):

That's pretty much all they got. Obama's arrogant, he's popular… plus, he exercises and he's thin. Speaking of thin… (Not that this crap still can't work.)

Bonus: Via BG at C&L, here's the Jesus' General Ghostbusters version of the McCain ads:

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