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Friday, May 23, 2008

Somehow, This Seemed Appropriate

Reading the newspapers and blogs today about the ongoing Democratic primary race, this scene came to mind:

From the same film, here's our punditry exemplified:

I already weighed in on the current scrum in "A Pox on One of Your Houses" waaaay back in February, and sadly, little has changed since then — which might be why I've basically repeated myself in comment threads since, even more than is my usual wont. Inexplicably, my brilliant, cogent analysis has been ignored, and adding insult to injury, those pesky voters didn't vote for my candidate! The ungrateful bastards didn't even court my vote after my candidate dropped out! Don't I deserve some pandering, too? Maybe if I dyed my hair red it would help, or tried to scare people with nuclear analogies, since that's, y'know, sorta an issue these days. Really. What the hell is wrong with people? Much, much more importantly, why won't they listen to me and do as I say? I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation.

Time, I think, once again to quote the immortal words of Thers:

Your favorite candidate sucks.

My favorite candidate is the best.

I hope this argument has convinced you to overcome your personal deficiencies and start supporting my favorite candidate.

In conclusion, once again, your favorite candidate sucks.

Thank you.

Or, as Corky puts it, in full Bush diplomacy mode:

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Fran said...

Batocchio- I love you, I don't hate you and I love your ass-blog!

Seriously - great post here. And fabulous use of my darling Corky, whom I adore in all of his zen-baby madness.

We are so lost as a nation. I really don't know where we can end up, I truly do not.

Proud2bHumble said...

Just waiting (for the primary to end) to exhale, myownself...

Like the Thers thing...haha

Tolja I was lookin roun ;-}