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Friday, October 12, 2007

Roundup 10/12/07

I read many interesting stories and posts every day that I never get around to writing about, mainly due to lack of time (or maybe it's just personal sloth). In any case, I thought it'd be good to try to link some of those pieces more regularly.

Newshoggers' Cernig interviewed General Petraeus' spokesman, Colonel Steven Boylan. They have some follow-up pieces here and here. Well done!

Over at Truth in Politics, Little Miss Know It All is starting a series looking at the Democratic presidential candidates' campaign ads. First up is Bill Richardson. She also has a good piece about politicians and autism.

Speaking of Democratic presidential candidates, via Blue Gal, here's Dennis Kucinich at Santa Barbara City College, pro-blogging and pro-activism.

Finally, blogger Maura Keaney of My Left Nutmeg rocked the house explaining blogging on Connecticut's Face the State. Way to represent, Maura! (Via Melissa at Shakespeare's Sister.)

(The cartoon is of Will Rogers.)

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