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Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Faith and PostGlobal

(Cross-posted at The Blue Herald)

The Washington Post and Newsweek have been running debate and discussion sites for several months now.

Running since November 2006, On Faith is "an interactive conversation on religion moderated by Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn of The Washington Post."


• Interfaith Issues
• Morality
• Personal Religion
• Religion and Leadership
• Religion and Politics
• Religious Conflict
• Spirituality
• Theology

Running since June 2006, PostGlobal is "an interactive conversation on global issues moderated by Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria and David Ignatius of The Washington Post."


• America's Role
• Business and Technology
• Culture and Society
• Environment
• Human Rights
• Iran
• Iraq
• Islamic Movements
• Israel-Palestine
• Reader Views
• Rule of Law
• Security and Terrorism
• The Global Economy
• The New Asia

The sites still need work. They both badly need some sort of search function. Still, the aim of both sites is admirable, and reader response and participation are heavily encouraged. It's nice to see a place where religion can be discussed from a variety of perspectives, and it's valuable to read about some of the trouble spots in the world from multiple viewpoints.

Update: David Waters, the publisher for the On Faith site, reports that website should be receiving an upgrade in the next few months, which should include adding a search function. He adds: "By the way, many of our non-panel pieces can be found on the Guest Voices Archives link on the main page. Links are at the bottom."

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