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Thursday, March 22, 2007

2006 Film Round-Up: Intro

Welcome to the annual Film Round-Up, which by tradition can only go out after the Oscars. This year it's a little more punctual than the last one, if still almost a month late! (At least the delay allowed me to catch up with the film viewing supplanted by a couple of major projects last year.) Feel free to read, skip, agree, disagree, ignore or inveigh as is your wont. Its main practical purpose at this point is probably just to aid with rental picks — as if those queues aren't long enough as it is!

As with last year, where available I've included a number of links to interviews with the filmmakers and actors about the films in question.

(The 2005 film round-up is most easily accessed by scrolling through the Oscars category. Round-ups prior to that exist in the strange netherworld of e-mail, for which you may curse or count your blessings.)

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