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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogiversary VI: Occasional Return of the Blogger

As of yesterday, this blog turns six. I've had much less time to write since last year, alas, but I hope that will change in the next few months. Thanks to all those who have stopped by for my occasional (and mostly long-form) blogging.

I'll do my usual retrospective. Since last year, I added a couple of entries to the Chart Project (an attempt to visualize issues), "The Stupid-Evil-Crazy Vortex" and "Defining Common Ground in Diagrams."

The latter post was mostly a recap, and a companion piece to "Common Ground and Equal Blame." Both posts are part of an ongoing series on false equivalencies and "both sides are equally to blame" balderdash. "Partisanship, Policy and Bullshit" is the latest entry. (I suppose "Engaging the Opposition, and a Wingnut Checklist" sorta dovetails with the general theme.)

As for other "series," the post "Asymmetric Inhumanity" was my one addition to the War Series.

This year for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I wrote about Judith Magyar Issacson's memoir, Seed of Sarah.

My annual post-Oscars film roundup can be read here (for now).

Finally, my good deed for the year was organizing the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup of the best posts of the year, chosen by the bloggers themselves, in honor of the much missed Jon Swift/Al Weisel. I'm planning to do it again in late December. (Start working on those best posts!) Maybe by then I'll have updated my blogger template...


mikeb302000 said...

Your work has enriched the internet. I just wish you'd put me on your blogroll, man.


Batocchio said...

Added. Cheers.

Suzan said...

Congrats and kudos to a wonderful writer with amazing insight and true humility which speaks its name throughout your essays.

You are one of my mentors.


Here's to another six years of fine journalism.

May you continue to spread your light.


Julia said...

This is good stuff!

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Congrats, bro! I love to sink my teeth into your meaty essays!