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Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Beatles - "Mother Nature's Son"

Eclectic Jukebox


Rita said...

Love this!

Marc McDonald said...

John wrote a "companion" piece to Paul's "Mother Nature's Son" during the 1968 India trip. John's song was "Child of Nature." You can hear it on YouTube. Lovely tune. It was never released by the Beatles, but later emerged as the song, "Jealous Guy."
I believe one could make an album comprised of nothing more than Beatles songs that were never released (or were given to other artists) and that album would still rank among the greatest ever made.
Thanks for sharing.

Batocchio said...

I've heard "Child of Nature," but not all of the Beatles' outtakes and unreleased (officially) songs. I do know a few people who have a strange hostility to "Jealous Guy," which I always thought was fairly pretty, and showed the self-reflection that John often excelled at. It's hard to compete with the Beatles. Their best stuff is amazing and varied, and even their casual toyings-around are still worthwhile.