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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blogiversary XI: This Blog Goes Up to Eleven

Earlier this year, this blog turned 11. Alas, a busy year in real life lead to a quiet year of blogging, despite plenty of material. (But some big posts are in the works.)

The most notable political post since last time was "Spite," about Donald Trump and his appeal to his supporters.

This year's post for International Holocaust Day was the unfortunately timely "None Thought of Themselves as Monsters."

The annual post-Oscar film roundup (this edition on 2015 films) comes in four parts – Part 1: The Oscars and the Year in Review, Part 2: The Top Four, Part 3: Noteworthy Films and Part 4: The Rest (The Good, the Bad and the Godawful).

There was also the 2015 edition of the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup. (The new edition is fast approaching!)

Most of my blogging this year (and for the past few years) has been at Crooks and Liars as part of the Mike's Blog Roundup crew.

Thanks for reading. There's more to come next year. (Alack that we will have so much material.)

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