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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Problem with Mainstream Political Analysis in One (Long) Sentence

The "sensible centrists" and Very Serious People who make up the "savvy" establishment commentariat (the Village) are scared to challenge the authoritarians, plutocrats and raging crazies, yet eagerly punch hippies (actual liberals) and attack even the few genuinely sober centrists as "just as bad" as the raging Right.

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Paul W said...

That's because they're not really centrists. They're upper-income conservatives in nice limos and comfy green rooms who haven't fully committed to a wingnut speaking and book tour... yet...

Batocchio said...

Yeah, there's some truth to that, and I was debating how best to describe Mann and Ornstein, but after being Beltway pundits in good standing for years, they were pretty much shunned after they wrote that book and op-ed. Regardless of where you put them on the political spectrum, the conclusion they offered was deemed unacceptable.

(You might like Driftglass one, two and three and the late Doghouse Riley on the subject.)