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Friday, August 23, 2013

Blogiversary VIII: Eight Posts a Week

(Early bloggers tried out new identities, struggled with format and display issues, and competed for attention on the Internet with… other interests.)

Last month, this blog turned eight. Projects in the alleged "real life" have cut into my writing time, but occasionally I get around to posting something. (Not eight posts a week, though!) Thanks to those who have stopped by.

As usual, I'll give a retrospective. I did get some political analysis done, probably most notably in Both Sides Do It: Partisanship Redux," "Why We Can't Have Nice Things" and "But Paul Ryan Seems Like Such a Nice Fellow." A long piece, "Voting and Political Activism," attempted to put those recurring arguments on how to vote that the left-leaning love to have into greater context. (The main point: Voting should be the capstone of political activism, not the extent of it.)

For Armistice Day, "Only the Faithless Suffer," (part of an occasional, ongoing series on war) looked at the lies we tell ourselves to allow human suffering.

My post for the Blogswarm Against Theocracy this time was about social conservatives' need to "Control, Punish and Shame."

Moving on to culture and history, there's my annual post-Oscar film roundup (a pre-blog tradition that continues) in parts One, Two, Three and Four. For National Poetry Month, we looked at "Gods and Marble." For International Holocaust Day, the subject was the unconventional game Train.

Unfortunately, the obituary category was pretty full this cycle. (The most in-depth pieces were probably for Roger Ebert and Iain M. Banks.) And I never like adding any posts to the category blogger deaths.

Finally, on the good karma front, I've done several stints for Mike's Blog Roundup over at Crooks and Liars, and there's the 2012 Jon Swift Memorial Roundup.

Peace, good art, and happy blog reading and writing.


CZHA said...

Thanks -- i missed some of these the first time around, and others are worth revisiting.

Paul W said...

Happy anniversary, and glad the C & L blog roundup is going well. :)

driftglass said...

Happy 'Versary ya bastid!

Tengrain said...

I couldn't resist.

Thank you for all you do, Bat.

Your pal,


zencomix said...

Happy Blog Birthday!