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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Geek Filibuster

See the opening credits scroll for an explanation. This is why the term "nerdgasm" was invented. The actual episode (which only showed about 30 seconds of this tour de force) was also pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Possible Law Case with Georgetown University for Sexism and Racism Discrimination in Enrollment Process

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This has the potential to create a large scale lawsuit against Georgetown University, and with the momentum building at the rate it is building, seems very likely that will be the outcome.

Below are the main links to all of the information regarding this news story and case.



Gary...a relative of Mister Tristan said...

Is this the same actor who recently played a deputy in Justified?

He was nerdy and superficially bungling, but he hung in there and helped save the day--all in all, the kind of guy you'd want to have on your team.


Batocchio said...

Gary, yup, apparently it was indeed Patton Oswalt. I've yet to see Justified, but knowing your fondness for westerns, I'm not surprised it's on your viewing list. What do you think of it?

Gary...a relative of Mister Tristan said...

Justified is well worth your viewing time. Why? The main character--Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant--is an antihero in the mold of Paladin of Have Gun, Will Travel.

Need I say more?

Tune in real soon, it will not disappoint.