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Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day 2012

Happy Labor Day, brought to us by the labor movement, the same folks who brought us the weekend. I wrote more about this last year. Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money has been running a fantastic ongoing series, This Day in Labor History. Jon Perr has another one of his superb posts on economic/fiscal matters, "15 Things the GOP Doesn't Want You to Know About Taxes and the Debt." Meanwhile, Yale professor Jacob Hacker, one of the sharper political scientists out there, has co-authored a report called "Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All." Here's a short video introduction, an op-ed explaining more, and the website, which features the full report and more. Many of its ideas fit nicely with the People's Budget, which I've featured before.

Here are two renditions of Woody Guthrie's song, "Union Maid," the first by Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie:

This one is from Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Concert, and features "Billy Bragg, Mike & Ruthy Merenda, Dar Williams, [and the] New York City Labor Chorus":

Happy Labor Day! If you post anything for the occasion, feel free to link it in comments, and I'll try to update this piece later.

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Patricia said...

Thanks for the vids. We could really use another Woody Guthrie now. Although Tom Morello is doing a pretty good job. Like your blog, thanks for the links.