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Monday, January 24, 2011

Petiton to Protect Social Security

The Campaign for America's Future has an important petition on Social Security for Obama:


Please reject the proposal by the co-chairs of your deficit commission to slash Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age.

Social Security has its own financing and does not contribute one dime to the deficit. Social Security has successfully provided secure retirements for 75 years. It is fiscally sound and will never go bankrupt. Yes, work to bring down deficits and spur economic recovery, but don’t cut Social Security, which contributes nothing to the deficit.

I’m also worried that if you embrace proposals to cut Social Security, you will continue to lose seniors and anger future retirees whose retirement security has just been hit hard by the recession. And losing that support would endanger your re-election chances and the rest of your agenda for change.

You have continually fought to protect and strengthen Social Security. Don't stop now.

Cutting Social Security would be bad policy and horrendous politics. CAF has much more on Social Security, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has some good number-crunching, and New Deal 2.0 ran a good series on Social Security last year. Digby, Crooks and Liars and many other bloggers have been writing a great deal on this, too.


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