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Monday, May 03, 2010

Lynn Redgrave (1943-2010)

Actress Lynn Redgrave has died of cancer. Condolences and best wishes to her family, who will be facing their third funeral in a little over a year. That's awfully rough.

Here's her official website, and pieces from the London Times, BBC, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times, plus a very good NPR remembrance by Bob Mondello.

While there are plenty of Lynn Redgrave's performances I've yet to see, every one I have seen was very good. One brief scene in particular comes to mind. Her sister Vanessa was one helluva closer for Atonement, and Lynn really brought it home in this late scene from Kinsey. You'll need to turn up the sound, but check it out:



Cirze said...

I saw her on Broadway in the 90's in "Shakespeare for My Father."


Thanks for the remembrance.

As terminal cancer has been diagnosed in my sister in the last month, I'm taking this particularly hard.


Batocchio said...

Very sorry to hear that, Suzan. Best wishes to you, your sister and the rest of your friends and family.

Cirze said...

Thank you, friend.

Just got in from the morning's radiation visit.

Chemo this afternoon.

I understand they only do both simultaneously when there is absolutely no hope.

She has both lung and breast cancer.

Love you,


Batocchio said...

That sound awful. Best wishes in a tough time.