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Sunday, April 18, 2010

McArdle as One of Austen's Twits

Growing out of this thread, Susan of Texas has penned "The Role Of Women In Society by Mrs. Suderman, A Lady." It borrows from Jane Austen to satirize one of the biggest class-obsessed twits of our own era, one Megan McArdle (she's shortly to marry one Peter Suderman, hence the title). Check it out. The arts are probably the best way to capture the venal, shallow nature of our ruling class.

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Cirze said...

I love it!

But so many of the Rethuglican "women" are. Try to think of Laura and Barbara Bush's activities and circle of friends (not to mention Nancy Reagan's) without any of the Auden novels leaping into your cerebral cortex.

I dare you.

Thanks for the momentary humor moment of release.!