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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tweet (or Call) for Health Care

skippy is tweeting for health care and has a list of twitter addresses for key congresspeople.

Tim F. of Balloon Juice has a guide for calling your congresscritters.

Meanwhile, David Dayen (DDay) continues to update his whip count for the House of Representatives based on public statements.

If you live in a swing district, your voice is especially important. But as Tim F. has pointed out, even if your representative and senators are pledged to vote the way you want, it might be nice to give them a thank you call. The far right is deluging offices, and it's important that the full range of public opinion be represented, preferably accurately. I think the bill is flawed, but it's still a huge, important measure.

1 comment:

Rehctaw said...

Not sure what to call "my" district. Not swing, that's for sure.

I have the misfortune to live in IL-3, with little hope of swaying the Li'l Lipper from his inbred assholiness.

With Daddy's network and his oh so carefully cultivated bloc of seniors, Danny Lipinski will be one of the Stupak Blue Dogs. Nothing I say or do will alter that now.

We came close to unseating his nepotistic ass in 08. If his no vote on health care gets us over that hump, I'll be satisfied.