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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2010

It's Blogroll Amnesty Day again! The basic idea is to link smaller (or small) blogs. This event was started by skippy and the much missed Jon Swift (who explained its origins here). My most extensive post on it was this one (complete with Godzilla references, of course). Blogroll Amnesty Day also requires shout-outs to promoter of indie blogs Blue Gal and to Mike Finnigan, because at Mike's Blog Roundup, every day is Blogroll Amnesty Day.

There are simply too many good blogs to read them all, but trying to find some good ones that may not be on your regular reading list is worth the effort. Let's get started...

Evil Slutopia: How can you pass on a title like that? Follow the link to read Jezebel's important post on how you can "Support Brilliant Writing in the Blogosphere." (Very much in the spirit of Blogroll Amnesty Day...)

Godless Liberal Homo: Again with the intriguing blog titles. As you'd expect, you can find said godless liberal homo discussing Cornel West and Noam Chomsky. (While eating brie, no doubt.)

The Non Sequitur: Wait, what's the name of the logical fallacy George Will just employed? The Non Sequitur will dissect it.

Incertus: Run by Brian and Amy, Incertus recently celebrated its sixth blogiversary of thoughtful posts. (Hmm, what's with all the Latin blog names?)

Distributorcap NY: Photoshop and video satire, plus detailed posts on economics and history.

Steve Audio: Sharp insights, common sense and good music picks.

Feel free to promote your own blog (assuming it's real and not promoting cold sore cures and whatnot) in the comments. I'll do a blogroll link love post later this month.

(Edit: Added the pic that I left out last night.)


Rehctaw said...

count me in!


Onward and upward

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

Oops, misspelled it!

Hey Batacchio, ya got room for an Ornery Bastard?


Batocchio said...

Haha. Misspelled it again! "Batocchio." Don't sweat it - it's just a pseudonym, and not the easiest to spell.

I'll definitely be expanding the blogroll in the near future.

Jezebel said...

Thanks for the link!

libhom said...

Thanks for the link. I hate to admit it, but I don't like Brie. I do like Lady Gaga, so I think my gay card is safe.

Mark Prime said...

Great list, Batocchio. Godless Liberal Homo's one of my faves and Slutopia's very cool. Like the rest too.

Peace my friend...

Anonymous said...

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