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Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Weekly Snark (1/29/10)

Roy Edroso on Jonah's latest:

Goldberg trying to do nuance is like a drunken bear trying to do origami, but I think he means that while independents don't care about gay people's civil rights, they do have a guilty conscience about it.

Ouch. Jonah mostly tries the "you people pointing out our bigotry are the real bigots" and "I know you are but what am I" schtick that made Liberal Fascism such a noteworthy piece of crap. But there are more choice Roy quips, so head over and enjoy.


aimai said...

Battochio, I meant to get over here more often but a change in computers lost me all my bookmarks. I nearly died laughing in that thread over at Roy's.

I just finished watching the Obama/House GOP slaughterfest on youtube with my children. What struck me was how much of the Republican complaint to Obama was couched in a Goldbergian "stop making us look like total assholes." Tom Price actually specifically demanded that Obama and the Dems stop making it hard for Republicans to go home and lie to their constituents about having good ideas.


Batocchio said...

I often marvel at Roy's prose. He's a master.

I'll post on that slaughterfest later, but it was fantastic and really encouraging. I hope Obama keeps doing that. On the Price point, I think you're absolutely right, and it reminds me of the male GOP senators annoyed at Franken, because they wanted him to say it was okay for them to oppose justice for rape victims.