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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Owe It to Americans To Re-Write History

I've been sent this by several people, including Tim of The Tim Channel:

Also, John Wilkes Booth never killed a U.S. President... after Lincoln.

On the one hand, Perino may have misspoke - since what she said is standard Fox News propaganda, but normally they add the disclaimer "after 9/11," even though that ignores the anthrax attacks. On the other, even with that standard bullshit disclaimer, pretending 9/11 wasn't a colossal indictment of the Bush administration on national security is stunningly dishonest. They abused the trust and rallying spirit of the American people. And claiming that the Bush administration's monarchial abuses of power, lies and war of choice kept us "safe" after their criminal incompetence on and leading up to 9/11 is beyond disgusting. The recent book review of The Ground Truth, "The Lies They Told," recaps some of the lies the Bush team told about 9/11 itself, while the way they exploited it has long been painfully apparent to the reality-based community.

Meanwhile, Perino was just appointed by Obama to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, at GOP request...Sigh.

I'm just a wee bit sick of monstrous lies on matters of grave importance.

Well, folks, I'm determined to have a happy Thanksgiving *dithering* over food and football. (I also donated to my local food bank.) I hope everyone has a good holiday. (I have a few music picks set to go for tomorrow.)


Unknown said...

Perino won't last because she probably isn't a member of either the Tri-lateral Commision, Bilderberg Group or the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Name an Obama high(or even mid) level administration appointee who isn't a member of at least one of those? Oh, the republicans recommended her? Never mind. http://louisianacowboy.blogspot.com/2009/01/critical-review-of-obamas-appointments.html

Unknown said...

Oh, and there is this....http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/25/obama-administration-resi_n_370544.html?slidenumber=MUw9pk6%2BHqw%3D...Did Glenn Beck OK the Perino appointment?

bdwyer said...

Their 'No terrorist attacks' bit collides with their 'al qaeda is in Iraq/Afghanistan' bit. Sure, they haven't attacked us here, but they attacked Americans 30 times a week in Iraq.

We just made Americans more convenient to attack. Another Mission Accomplished™.

Dr. Zaius said...

I miss Dana Perino. She was so cute when she got indignant! ;o)

Happy Thanksgiving, Batocchio!

watchdog said...

Bob Cesca's response (because she was trying to claim the Ft Hood shootings were terrorism) was to point out that if Ft Hood was terrorism, what did that make the D.C snipers.
It is so easy to destroy the lame arguments of these people.