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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why Baucus' Bill is Dangerous

DDay passes on a great piece, "Everything You Need To Know About The Baucus Bill In Two Minutes":

Wendell Potter at Salon and Maggie Mahar in The Boston Globe have more on the Baucus bill.

DDay also has a piece on the ridiculous decision to give millions to abstinence-only sex ed programs that don't work (as Judy Berman notes, even Texas is moving away from them because they've been disastrous). Oh, and he also offers up my favorite title of the day: "If You Take Out The People Who Die, Americans Live Forever." Vile hack Betsy McCaughey continues to be influential!


Cirze said...

Thanks for this mention.

I'd forgotten this piece of bitter phlegm for waaayyy too long.

As if.


Vile hack Betsy McCaughey continues to be influential!

Distributorcap said...

alan grayson is our new hero

libhom said...

Baucus is horribly corrupt and should resign form office in disgrace.