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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can read more here.

As in a past year, I'm going to take a scurvy dog with delusions of grandeur:

And translate him:

Does sacred honor e'en exist in Washington anymore? On accoun' o' I ratted ou' a self-avowed Communist in th' administration in Van Jones, th' same organizations, th' same politicians, th' same progressive media that be ignorin' or standin' fer ACORN now, be havin' called me Joseph McCarthy. They be havin' such wee regard fer yer intelligence that they dasn't think ye`re goin' t' figure ou' that Joseph McCarthy be a powerful senator! Surrounded by th' trappings o' power o' th' United States government. Wi' th' power o' subpoena an' th' power o' Congress! Th' guy who stood against that be alone. While sea dogs an' land lubbers else wet the'r britches an' cowered in fear!

Ye`d think th' members o' th' media might reckon his name. 't be Edward R. Murrow. An' while I be nowhere near an Edward R. Murrow, nereclaimed t' be, let me use th' words o', finally, somebody that stood up t' th' power, an' these senators, an' spake, Senator, be havin' ye nay shame? Be havin' ye nay shame?

An we retort, i' th' style of the Dread Pirate Roberts' salty first mate:

We knew Edward R. Murrow. Edward R. Murrow be a matey o' ours. Ye, horkwad, be nay Edward R. Murrow. Be havin' ye nay decency, or shame, ye scalliwag, scurvy dog, peg boy an' bilge rat?

Arr, this scalliwag spoutin' his lyin' mouth and sportin' his yellow pants should be forced ta walk the plank.

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